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The Oval Ring

The Oval Ring

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Oval Size

The Oval Ring can be made with mothers milk, cremation ashes or pet fur. This listing is a custom made order, which can take up to 12 weeks to have completed and shipped back out after receiving your inclusions.

I do use a preserving agent that will whiten the milk. You can choose to have a shimmer added to your milk or ashes to create more of a stone look.

  • 14k Gold filled band is made with a 1mm band

This ring is made with 14k Gold Fill or 925 Sterling Silver.

14k Gold Fill has the same desirable properties and look of solid gold, without the price tag. It is nickel free, tarnish resistant and hypoallergenic.


Once you have purchased this item, shipping instructions will be included in the order confirmation email.

The colour of the finished piece is completely determined on your milk or the ashes, which varies person to person, this is completely out of our hands! Each piece is strictly unique to your own personal milk or the ashes that have been sent to us.

MOTHERS MILK: Approximately 5-10ml of your milk is required to be sent, please have this secure in a ziploc bag, you can send frozen or thawed, either one I can work with as it will under go a dehydration + preserving process when I receive it.

CREMATION/ASHES: Approximately 1-2 tsp is required to be sent. Any leftover will be returned with your completed order. Please have this secured in a ziploc bag.

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