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Custom Bouquet Ring Holder

Custom Bouquet Ring Holder

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Preserve your beautiful bouquet into something that will last forever and decorate your home with a beautiful touch. Please reach out via email or instagram @forestandfern if you are booking for a wedding or event that has not happened yet to ensure availability. After purchasing, you will receive an email with where to mail the bouquet/flowers. Upon receiving your flowers, I will get to work and make something beautiful for you to cherish forever!

*Dried or Fresh bouquets are eligible for this piece*

Things to Note:

When the flowers go through the drying and preserving process they do change colour. Some flowers will change more than others. This is completely out of my control. However, I do try my best to preserve the natural and original colours of the flowers. White flowers will always turn yellow and this is completely natural and unpreventable.

Bouquets are to be mailed ASAP after the event so that they arrive in their best condition. Please keep in mind that the condition of the flowers I receive will be what I work with - I would also recommend sending a few extra branches and flowers so that I can select the best ones because sometimes not all flowers make it in the mail. You will be sent mailing instructions after deposit is made + contract signed.

Please keep in mind these custom trays may take up to 6 months after I receive your flowers.

I highly recommend designating someone you can trust, to be in charge of your bouquet and mailing it out the next day so you don't need any more stress! This will ensure your flowers get to me in time to be preserved properly.

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